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Micro-Tyco Masterclass with Sir Tom Hunter
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Micro-Tyco 2012 After Party Video
Micro-Tyco 2012 After Party Video
Creating Common Ground
Youth Group & Deloitte
Law firm Linklaters took 2nd place in Micro-Tyco 2012
St Joseph's Video Diary
Micro-Tyco 2012
Tully Kearney
Tully Kearney from Team GB speaks about Micro-Tyco
Fraser McMillan
Partner & Glasgow Office Head, Pinsent Masons
Micro-Tyco 2011 Winning Team who turned £1 into £19,008.72
Inverness High School
Micro-Tyco 2012 Team
Headstart Nursery
Headstart Nursery turn £1 into £1271
St Josephs
Winning School & 2nd overall, generating £9527.37
Craig Connon
Mossneuk Primary Teacher & Micro-Tyco Coach
Mossneuk School
3rd overall, generating £3743.96
Fiona Downey
Education Development Officer
Ghana Thank You
Filmed in Ghana with WildHearts micro-clients
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Montage of the Micro-Tyco Video Mentors
Carol Smillie Interview
With Carol Smillie, Mick Jackson & Deloitte's Ian Steele
St Vincents Primary
Micro-Tyco 2010 Winners, generating £4170.19
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Micro-Tyco: Become an Entrepreneur to Fund an Entrepreneur

*** Registration for November's Micro-Tyco challenge is now closed. The next competition will be in February 2014. To reserve your place and find out more email ***

Micro-Tyco enables you to practice and learn fundamental business concepts in a micro-environment. Over the last three years, 17,007 Micro-Tycos from Schools to Corporates have been inspired to learn the latest entrepreneurial thinking. Micro-Tyco has proven to be so inspirational that collectively the teams have generated over £600,000, which has been invested by WildHearts in microfinance in the developing world, helping thousands of people to transform their lives and lift their families out of poverty. Participants have ‘become Entrepreneurs to fund Entrepreneurs’ and now have a deep experiential knowledge of the transformative power of compassionate entrepreneurship. By associating business excellence with economic justice, Micro-Tyco inspires the Leaders Our World Deserves. The results speak for themselves; Micro-Tyco is already compulsory graduate training for multi-nationals such as Wood Group and RBS and is used by Deloitte as a talent identification strategy in UK universities. In fact Micro-Tyco is so effective in inspiring entrepreneurial action that Babson College, Boston, the world’s top school for entrepreneurship, has awarded it the highly prestigious Babson Social Innovation Award.

Micro-Tyco's vision is nothing less than the ignition of the spirit of enterprise across our whole culture, from our leading corporates to our universities, secondary and primary schools, and even nurseries.  It is an enterprise challenge that brings our whole society together, reconnects us to one another, to what really matters, and compels us to collectively raise the bar in what we believe is possible for ourselves and our culture. Micro-Tycos unique combination of inspiration, world class business mentorship, positive peer pressure and ethics produces incredible results: from the team of ten year olds who transformed their £1 investment into more than £14,000 to the graduates who turned theirs into £75,500, meet the Micro-Tyco winners here.

Micro-Tyco inspires our companies to excel and our children to believe, creates compassionate global citizens and will inspire the leaders our world deserves.

is the product of over ten years experience in enterprise education and entrepreneurial success and is designed to invigorate our companies, challenge the dependency culture and stimulate self-reliance and enterprise. It is fast, fun and furious, forcing contestants to break out of their limited self perceptions and comfort zones. Micro-Tyco inspires the spirit of enterprise in its purest form and rewards participants with the knowledge that in business, if they can succeed at Micro-Tyco, they can succeed at anything.

How does it work? Micro-Tyco will run every February and November. Teams choose which month they want to participate in and ‘apply’ to WildHearts for ‘seed capital’; a micro-loan of £1. Once the clock starts they have one month to turn it into as much money as possible. At the end of the month the team with the most money wins. There is only one rule: transactions must be legal.

Who can enter? School, colleges, universities, clubs and companies can enter teams to Micro-Tyco. Each team must have no more than 5 members but each organisation can enter as many teams as they wish. Companies compete against companies, schools against schools and Universities and Colleges against each other, with one winner from each group. 

Companies are encouraged to partner with a local school. In this partnership the teams remain separate but become allies who collaborate to exchange knowledge, encouragement and pool resources. Business people will inspire children and be inspired in return. The learning process is further enhanced by online video mentoring from many of our business leaders who support the WildHearts vision.

The competition keeps you sharp, the deadline keeps the pressure on. Micro-Tyco does not care about your qualifications or where you are from.  Its apparent simplicity is deceptive. The low value of the £1 loan entices you to get involved but then takes you on a journey where the challenge grows with the money. It is a seed that reveals your inner wealth and helps you discover talents you never knew you had. As the money grows, so will you.

The money created from Micro-Tyco will then be invested by WildHearts in micro-loans to help the world’s poorest people work their own way out of poverty with dignity and self respect. As a result participants will go from becoming dynamic wealth creators to global ethical investors. Micro-Tyco’s gift to you will be the knowledge that once you release your talents the whole world benefits.

Micro-Tyco: Invest in yourself, invest in your company, invest in our children, invest in our community. 

Read more about the Micro-Tyco vision here.

WildHearts Micro-Tyco Business Challenge:  Is YOUR heart pounding?